Monday, March 14, 2005

What did happen on Easter Saturday?

Despite the fact that yesterday seemed to me like the coldest day this year, spring is almost upon us. We are planning a trip to my folks in sunny Suffolk at the May Day bank holiday weekend and that’s only seven weeks away. Wowza.

My friend Vic and I were arranging to talk on Easter Saturday and we were trying to work out what it was that happened on the first Easter Saturday. We decided that they all sat around saying “You know, I keep looking up at that cave half expecting to him strolling out, bold as brass.” and of course they would have had the will-reading. Items we decided would be in Jesus’ will included;
  • Carpenter tools, various, mostly only light use
  • Seven loin cloths, freshly laundered (one size)
  • One pair of sandals, used, some water damage
  • Those “special” demijohns
  • Recipe book; How to Feed 5000 on a Student Budget
That was about as far as we got. Any more (non-offensive) suggestions?

I asked my sister, a practising Christian, what happened on Easter Sunday and she suggested that they all went shopping for Easter Eggs, although naturally they didn't eat any until Jesus had risen...

Of course Whitby, the town where I live is not very famous for being the place that the date of Easter was decided in 664. The Synod of Whitby was mostly about the British (such as we were) adopting the Roman customs of worship as opposed to the Celtic version, but a universally agreed date for Easter was a by-product. So there you go.

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