Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Day In The Life

Today was an up and down all over the place kind of day. Brain hasn’t engaged at all at any stage. I got a letter in the morning which I was really pleased to get and attempted to reply to it straight off. The brain not working this proved to be a complete waste of time. I was so fogged out by around lunchtime that I ended up listening to The Archers – the omnibus no less. This was bad, very bad.

Big positive in the afternoon though. Very recently, a friend put [...] on his car insurance. We don’t have a car, very few people can justify a vehicle in Whitby since most of us can walk from one end of town to the other without breaking a sweat and those of us who can’t can taxi the same distance for three pounds fifty. Anyway, given that I can’t do trains and buses, access to a car significantly opens up our horizons and today we went to Sandsend, which is just up the coast from here. Apparently Elle MacPherson lives there or there abouts but as I don’t actually know who this MacPherson fella is, I can’t tell you whether I saw him today. We went to the Wit’s End Café (highly recommended). I had a Chelsea Bun. Well, you were going to ask.

[...] hasn’t driven for about six years so he’s rather nervous at the moment, but it was still great to just hop in the car and do that. I haven’t been out for a week or so because I’ve been sleeping on and off all day, despite sleeping all night and half the morning. It suddenly comes upon me and could be fairly problematic if I wind up dozing in my wheelchair in the centre aisle of Woolworths.

When I came back and rested for a bit I had the stupid idea of dying my hair. I bought some henna stuff from Lush called Caca Rouge, which I think translates as Red Dung (and it looked like it too). This was a long drawn out process which was totally knackering and at half past ten in the evening has resulted in slightly redder hair in patches than I had this morning. Super.

This evening, while my head was smelling of cloves and wrapped in cling-film we watched A Fistful of Dollars which I hadn’t seen before. It’s kind of cool. I want the tab for the theme tune so I’m off to look for that now before bed. Nighty-night.

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