Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

This evening (Saturday) we watched Something's gotta give with Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Keanu Reeves. It is about a middle-aged script-writer who winds up caring for her daughter's sugar-daddy after he has a heart attack at their home. Despite being a romantic comedy complete with cringe-worthy moments, it was a tight script and everyone acted beautifully - even Keanu. Rubbish ending though. Really rubbish. It was so close to being a good ending, but it was rubbish.

To make up for this we then watched Point Break (Keanu and Patrick Swazee (sp?) ) which is an excellent film. I always forget how good it is, but it's really very good indeed. Keanu is totally at home here, he just runs around a lot, surfs and jumps out of planes looking intense and beautiful. Although I must say the older Keanu in Something's gotta give has a little more meat to him (physically and otherwise) and did do some excellent expressions of a jealous lover. Bodacious.

Anyway, during this time we drank a bottle of white wine my folks brought back from Cephalonia, the Greek island upon which Louis de Berneres masterpiece Captain Correlli's Mandolin was based (my Granny always calls it Kleptomania - there ought to be an island called this - if you discover one, you now know what to call it). Captain Correlli is a brilliant book with a rubbish ending. The behaviour of certain characters made no sense. And then, given that the lovers were pointlessly, stupidly parted for fourty odd years, it would have been okay if Pelagia had shot Correlli for being such a owner-operator, but instead she hits him over the head with a frying pan. Which is comic. And I was crying at that point; I wanted the guy dead.

It occurs to me that my folks went to Cephalonia in 2001. So that wine has been hanging about some time. It was okay. I know nothing about wine. Hal once shared a bottle of wine with me that tasted like honey-suckle, really gorgeous, but apart from that it all tastes a bit... well... uriney. Goodness I am a little tipsy.

This together with the remarkable effects of the TENS machine have made me wide awake approaching one in the morning - worse, since the clocks are going forward, we will skip straight to two o'clock in the morning. Considering that I have a minimum of ten hours sleep every night, tomorrow may be a little disrupted.

As today I have been researching chickens and the keeping of chickens for my book, I shall now write great drunken lyrical prose about chickens. Did you know that if your chickens have large crowns, you need to rub them with vaseline in the winter to prevent frostbite?

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone! Now I appear to be comfortable without the use of codeine I hope to spend what part of the day I see painting my little wargaming figures, which I have previously been unable to paint for (a) pain and (b) drug-induced clumsiness.

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