Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Goldfish Facts #5 (not really many facts though)

I had almost forgotten about this! Ah well, truth be told that this week I only have one goldfish fact;
  • Dry fish food can make a goldfish constipated.
See? A bit rubbish. So instead I shall give you a run down all the other goldfish related blogs I found on the Internet today:

  • The Goldfish Chronicles "Recording the attention span of a... oh look, a javabean"
  • Blue Goldfish "discovery, journalling and conversation - primarily about culture, religious issues, and American politics"
  • The Goldfish Bowl "Graham Tyler's thoughts on SharePoint, Live Communications and Office" (yawn!).
  • La vasca del Goldfish I don't know what this one is about as I have no Italian but Altavista Babelfish translates the title as The Bathtub of the Goldfish and the bit which I think is the description as "In an pleasant evening housewife, to the eve of three days via for Passover, it is finally reached the moment of one carried out epochal for mine blog:" Okay...
There is also a Japanese site called the Goldfish Blog but I can't make head nor tail of it. Unlike the Italian one which we all understood. Naturally it is my intention to make this Diary of A Goldifsh, the most popular blog with the word goldfish in the title and today I have weighed up my competition. What do you think?

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