Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring has sprung - dwoiing!

Here is a very silly poem [...] likes to recite at this time of year;

The spring has sprung, the grass has riss'
I wonder where the birdies iss'
The birdies is on the wing!!
but that's absurd,
the wing is on the bird.

I have no idea who it is by - I did attempt to find out but I failed.

I think spring must have sprung. It's really warm and sunny and I'm thinking about going out without my trenchcoat. I only have to persuade myself to go out at all, which is taking some effort. I want to go out but at the same time I'm dopey and I don't really have anywhere to go. I think I will wait until [...] leaves the house then follow him about at a healthy distance.

There's an awful lot of sexual activity going on in our fishtank. The place is littered with roe (literally; the floor is covered with it, the glass is covered with it - there are even eggs above the surface of the water). The snails are also covered with the stuff, but they are getting up to their own shenanigans, especially the largest snail who seems to be either mating or laying eggs every time I look up. The first time we saw it mate it picked on the very smallest snail and we considered that the large snail might actually be attempting to eat the little one since it was squishing it about and sucking upon it. But then it let the little one go, trundled across the tank and laid a great long trail of eggs (about 50 x 8 millimetres - most of the snails only lay 8 x 8 millimetre blobs).

Some of the fry, the baby fish, seem to be surviving and growing without getting eaten, but I'm not sure if realistically they have any chance. Similarly, both the snails and the fish appear to like the taste of snail eggs. I don't suppose any of them have read any Doctor Spock.

I really want to get on with painting my wargaming figures and try to have a battle on Wednesday. Everybody else fights with half painted figures but I can't do this, they have to be perfect before they can be fielded. This is why I haven't had a battle despite having had these models since Christmas.

I also want to get on with my book, but I think I need to get some fresh air without the exercise before I can concentrate on anything. Easter is coming and Whitby may get pretty crowded with tourists - I hope it does for all my friends' sake whose livelihoods hinge on this stuff, but it does mean it gets rather uncomfortable in town.

By the way, dwoiing! is the sound of spring springing.

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Pauline said...

hi... I tried finding out who wrote the poem as well. I had believed it was an ee cummings poem. I can't find it linked to him anywhere. Thanks for validating the search and quote seem to be unknown...