Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Day Out #3

This news story amused me yesterday if anyone wants a giggle.

Last night we went out for tea at the Duke of York with our friend, which was really good except four hours passed since my teatime tablets and I had to demand to go home earlier than anyone else wanted to call it a day. This taking painkillers with food is a pain in the posterior. Plus people kept bashing into the back of my chair. Maybe the problem with this isn't obvious.

Okay. If someone has both legs but has to use a wheelchair, then very often it is because they have some sort of pain disorder in either or both their back and/ or legs. If it stops them walking about normally, then it is going to be significantly uncomfortable.

Now a wheelchair has a less stable structure than a normal chair. Apart from anything else your sat at a higher position and your feet aren't on the floor. Therefore, if someone knocks into your chair, your whole body is jolted. Now this may be slight, but when you are in pain this may be the equivalent of closing a car door on your thumb. Ever done that? Exactly.

Of course other people don't know this, other people don't have perfect co-ordination and if I want to sit in a crowded pub I knowingly and willingly expose myself to this sort of thing. I just thought it might be useful to explain this briefly in case it made any difference to anyone. I know I take up a lot of space, but it is my personal space. If the wheelchair was my flesh you wouldn't knock into it and if I ate enough hot cross buns I could probably reach that size.

Hot cross buns... mmm... aren't hot cross buns just the best thing about Easter?

Anyway, we had a good time. Our friend is over fifty and thus suffers from this Jamie Cullum problem I described here, but apart from that he is excellent company. When [...] and our friend get together they do a grumpy old man routine which always amuses me. This is not a party piece, it's just something they slip into unwittingly.

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