Saturday, March 26, 2005

Feeling TENS

Well yesterday there was a big thick fog in my brain. Could I be less articulate or more ranting? I have been suffering lately. Nothing terrible, it's just the constant juggling of activity, rest, nutrients, alcohol, pain-killers, laxatives, herbal remedies etc. I made another doctor's appointment midweek as the new meds are worse than the old but I couldn't get an appointment before next Friday (and since it'll be April 1st he'll probably tell me I'm pregnant).

Today I received a TENS machine on loan from my sister and am wired up to it. Not sure how much or indeed whether it is working, but it feels funny, thus it makes me giggle and cheers me up a bit. I think it is helping actually. My legs were ready to fall off earlier (or at least, I was ready to saw them off without anasthetic) but now they just ache a lot.

My sister also sent me chocolate and I wasn't expecting to have any in the house this Easter so that's good. Also my nearly-but-not-quite-yet brother-in-law sent me a print of one of his photos. You can admire it yourself here.

I actually went into town this morning, which was a mistake. It was very busy and wet. Tourists out in town today have no patience and few manners. I have two rules when it comes to navigating the crowds in my electric wheelchair;
  • Always treat others with the utmost courteosy.
  • Ignore the needs of those who do not do the same.
Thus I create pedestrian traffic queues by waiting at one end of the bridge while an slow moving elderly lady - who could not have easily moved out of anyone's way - crosses safely. Since most people in town in Whitby on Easter Saturday are tourists, on holiday or out for a day trip, I'm not sure what they're in such a hurry for.

It was a fairly pointless trip into town but I managed to bump into someone who has never seem me in a wheelchair and probably doesn't know about me being ill or anything. So that would have been a surprise for him.

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