Sunday, March 27, 2005

TENS update

He he! It works! It took ages to be really effective and I think the battery is struggling so I'm giving it a rest in case it runs out over the bank holiday weekend. However, eight hours has passed since my last dose of painkiller and I do not feel the need to have any more just now - a real breakthrough. Naturally no miracles, but still. I feel happier than I have felt in a good while. Probably only a few days but it feels like months. Hooray!

Clocks are about to go forward so we lose an hour in bed... groan.

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Anonymous said...

TENS is really amazing and no side effects, unlike meds. Mine helps with the pain and prevents the nausea I often experience along with the pain. It has been a lifesaver! Glad yours is helping for you too. My biggest challenge with the TENS is where to clip it when my brace is off and I'm in a public loo/bathroom. hehehe :)