Thursday, March 17, 2005

50, 000 words

Yesterday I reached the 50, 000 word point in the final draft of my novel. I probably have to write another twenty or perhaps thirty thousand words, but these are only the limbs of the story; the torso and head are already intact, breathing and cogniscient. Once I have done, I will of course need to go through and revise and re-edit a fair amount, but still. This means, in a sense, I am on the home run.

It may be only another two or three months before I am finished. This prospect makes me feel quite queasy to be honest, but also very happy and motivated to get on and get it done.

In the meantime, I have been to the doctor and got a prescription for a different sort of painkiller. My GP says I may have become used to the codeine, so this is a sideways move. I'm not so sure, the pain was really bad again yesterday and I was having spasms in the night. I was half inclined to get out of bed and take some neat rum to calm this down, but then I wouldn't have slept well - which I didn't anyway, but I hoped I might once I got off. Anyway, new prescription, some hope and I can always go back if they don't work.

Last night I went out to Wargaming again and spent the evening hearing the life story of a young farmer, discussing issues as diverse as The Wind and the Willows and
Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Which was interesting.

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