Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Five good things about having a rhinovirus.

I now have a cold. It's not too bad just yet, just a killer sore throat. This coincides with the day upon which all my general disorganisation catches up with me; I now have three piles of paperwork - mostly junkmail but there's an IB50 (benefit form) and a credit card statment in there somewhere - and I've run out of socks.

So to cheer myself up I have been pondering the five good things about having a rhinovirus:
  1. You get sick, you feel crap, but then within a matter of days you feel a lot lot better. This is not the usual pattern with my health, which gets worse and remains so for months and months if not permanently. I may sound sarcastic but this is a real bonus; if I am better within ten days it will restore my faith in my immune system and my body in geneal.
  2. Colds don't spoil everything. Not like flu and it could be flu or some other nasty bug which turns your brain to mud and leaves you in bed staring at the insides of your eyelids. With a cold you can watch movies, listen to music and maybe even do something useful and productive if you pace yourself.
  3. You don't have to wash your hair. You're not going to go out and anyway, having wet hair and not being able to dry it properly by yourself, which is the case with me, is going to make things worse. My hair is long out of laziness rather than vanity and a cold frees me from the chore of its maintenance.
  4. It doesn't feel so indulgent to fall asleep during the day. I don't know why it usually feels indulgent even though I do it most days and usually when I can't actually keep myself awake any more. Something to do with the "Sick Role" I think.
  5. You get to consume sweet and syruppy things; lemon and honey, rum and blackcurrant and stuff like this. Yummy!
So there you are; I bet you wish that you too had my cold! It's not something to sneeze at - I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up with such an offer at issue. Unfortunately, when you do have a cold, you don't feel like any hanky-panky. Get it? Oh dear, I need some Lemsip.

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