Tuesday, March 08, 2005

In slow motion the blast is beautiful

Sorry, but I’ve been listening to the album The Final Straw by Snow Patrol. I am really excited about this album. It strikes me as being in the same league as Automatic For The People, Abbey Road orOK Computer - definitive. I only wish the band had come up with a better name before producing such a work of genius. What’s more they released the one duff track on the album How To Be Dead as a single. It’s a mediocre song. The rest is almost perfect. I love this album. Not like Keane’s Hopes and Fears which I haven’t listened to since I wrote about it and am about to give away to my friend. Download the single Run from iTunes if in doubt. Although this may well be the best song on the album, what a song! I know this album came out last year but I’m a little slow on the uptake, okay?

I managed to write my final few paragraphs yesterday and they rocked. I can’t share the whole thing because it gives a lot away, but the last sentence is;

Now I thought of her from time to time and that was all.

Are you blown away or what? Okay, I know what you mean but like I say I can’t share with you everything I write or you would get an entire novel in a rather strange order. The important news is that all my strings tie themselves up rather neatly. I mean, not too neatly, I don’t use the phrase happy ever after but everything ends neatly enough. I don’t have any disappearing characters as I did in the first draft. Seriously, I had one character who left his house half way through the novel, the main character’s brother no less and was never seen or mentioned again even though we spent much of the story in his house. None of that, so that’s good. Progress is being made.

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