Monday, December 18, 2006

Walking in a winter wonderland.

Arrived in Suffolk safe and sound. A very good journey actually, a really bright cold light and the whole world looking splendid. We saw a hot air balloon and a parglider in the sky on the way down, and it did strike me as the sort of day I would like to have spent airborn.

A ceramic face on a treeLast month, my Granny gave us some money which we weren't allowed to spend on anything useful, so we have finally replaced our ten-year-old digital camera. I took it out into my folks' garden to test it out, so here is a picture of one of my Green Men, which needs to age a bit in order to blend in properly, but still. Looked like he was enjoying the sunshine.

I didn't take very many photos as I was on my feet and frankly, haven't worked out exactly what all the levers and pulleys do on this thing yet.

A robin on the branch of a bushBut then, just as I was about to go inside, fancy my luck! A cheeky little red-breasted robin alighted on a branch beside me and sang a little ditty.

How seasonal! I thought, and I quickly snapped this picture before it flew away.

So now I am feeling very Christmassy.


pete said...

Well, it's many a day I've travelled a hundred miles or more

But a Robin with plastic eyes sure I never saw before...


Sally said...

The Green Man is magic - I have a little one inside one side of the AGA alcove, and a winking pixie the other side, installed by the builder (!) - but that robin is really specially, wearing a red muffler to cover his white breast -whoever put him there for your delight obviously loves you very much !

Anonymous said...

You can "age" stuff with yoghurt - and, since it's outside, it doesn't smell.

Anonymous said...

I too seem to have acquired a robin. I put out some stale weetabix on the bird table this moring and he was there in a flash.