Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Brief, Vague and None Too Coherent Review of 2006

Basically it has been a good one, better than 2005 on account of that all important score

Death 0 - Life 2

All those I love stayed alive this year, and I gained a new loved-one in the form of Alexander, whose arrival made the year for our family. Life is awarded an extra point because Death had a pretty good go at my friend, but my friend got the better of the bastard. That and the other friends I have gained who were, of course, alive previous to our acquaintance.

Other highlights included still yet unbloggable events of November, Lady Bracknell's Editor getting an MBE and Blogging Against Disablism Day. And many other things. Am very tired today, I didn't realise it was New Year's Eve until just now.

I do know that my health is in a far superior position than it was twelve months ago and I am looking forward to finishing my bloody fucking book in 2007 (if I don't finish it next year, I never will). As for the cultural highlights...

Best Single of 2006: Precious by Depeche Mode.
Best Album of 2006: The Life Pursuit by Belle and Sebastian, thanks to Marmiteboy.

But I am afraid that's not such great praise in either case. Both are good, but I am, alas, no longer down wiv da kids. Who are these Antartic Gibbons again? Of course, I remember when the words were unintelligible, and you didn't have a hope of dancing to the tune - that was real music.

Best Movie of 2006 (working off the UK DVD release date): probably the new The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, essential viewing for anyone who read the Narnia books as a child. V for Vendetta was also respectable and I'd happily watch Pirates of the Caribean: Dead Man's Chest several times over with the sound off. I have watched a lot of movies this year, but the real gems had lain undiscovered from earlier years, often earlier decades.

Anyway, Happy New Year Everybody! Hope that it is a good one for every one of you.


Anonymous said...

"I am looking forward to finishing my bloody fucking book" I know your book has sex and violence, but I didn't realise it was that graphic...

Thanks for all the wit and wisdom, goldfish. Happy New Year to you, AJ and your families.

Best wishes for 2007 to everyone!

Mary said...

Happy New Year.

I hadn't noticed either - still getting over Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You know, that's a pretty damn good score.

But don't think even for a minute, that after cheering us with all this good news and distracting us with the haunting sound of Precious, you can sneak in, unnoticed, with that never word.

Deadlines may come and go and BF words may have to be surgically removed, BUT never is an indefensible time-scale, sorry :-)

Best wishes to you and yours for the passage through midnight and beyond.

Sally said...

Happy New Year Goldfish, AJ and especially Alexander, thank you for the content and the pics and for you, very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! And I am in complete agreement with you about Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest ...

Anonymous said...

Also meant to say - just keep reminding yourself that 2 years is only average for book book and that includes all the Mills and Boon. And Barbara Cartland (around 700 books, I believe, died at the age of 99) must obscure that statistic somewhat!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you, AJ, Alexander and parents and the rest of your family including a grandma with an exquisite taste for music. We have learned a lot about all of them trough many of your blogs, so they all have become a bit familiar.
I do agree that V for Vandetta was great, but Pirate of the Carribean???!
And: you will finish That Book. I somehow know you will.

Anonymous said...

Steve and I wish you and your loved ones well in the coming year. It's always a pleasure to stop by your Goldfish bowl. We look forward to our future visits.

Attila the Mom said...

Happy New Year, Goldfish! I wish the best for you in 2007!