Thursday, December 14, 2006

A lazy day of links

Not so much lazy, but busy; I've got a Things to do list so long it would take half the day to copy it here. Meanwhile

Disability Blog Carnival #5 is up at Planet of the Blind. I haven't had a chance to read much, but it all looks super.

Agent Fang's Twelve Days of Cripmas is worth a visit to the Ouch Messageboard.

And on the subject of Cripmas, I was going to write a great long essay, In defence of Tiny Tim. I abandoned this idea, but did accumulate some relevant links;

Empowering Tiny Tim - Pathetic cripple? Ha! Crafty little con artist is more like it - by Douglas Lathrop.

A crippled Christmas Carol - by the wonderful Kate Ansell.

or to be more serious

Uncle Tom and Tiny Tim: Some reflections on the cripple as Negro by Leonard Kriegal (1964 - the age shows in the language, but not the sentiment)

Or for something completely different, check out this news story - those poor people thought they were getting a drug which would help them give up smoking, but the drug only made it harder...


Anonymous said...

i'm still reading uncle tom/tiny tim, but i wanted to thank you for the link...very powerful piece.

Anonymous said...

Of course there is the rising question of just how often Viagra has the unexpected side effect of blowing the optic nerve apart and sending people blind. Viagra may not stop you smoking but At least you would not be able to see you own smoke.

Anonymous said...

from Rocky Spring

Sally said...

Thanks for the links Goldfish, these ones and the Christmas Music before.