Friday, December 08, 2006


Some goldfish made of orange coloured chocolateFeeling somewhat more cheerful today after a rather gruesome spell. Not quite sure what set that off, but thanks for your support.

Meanwhile I think I may have finished my Christmas shopping, unless there's something I have forgotten. I found these funky chocolate goldfish, but couldn't think of anyone to buy them for apart from myself. So I did. You get four in the box, by the way and they're not such a scary shade of orange. Don't know what they taste like because I have been very well behaved and wrapped them up straight away.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling brighter.

You've probably worked out this already. But I've been feeling very frustrated and upset about not getting to do something today - like you more than I should be. I think it's because in my mind it's come to symbolise my limitations generally, so seems far bigger deal.

Not that it helps much knowing it!

Hugs to you and AJ

Mary said...

Glad you're perked up.

They do appear a very scary shade of orange in that picture, don't they?

Congratulations on finishing your shopping - mine is just about done except for stuff for Steve. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I picked up a mug with a Christmas cat design, thinking "this would make a nice small gift for someone," and then turned it over - and it was a make that I collect! Grr. Had to buy it for myself, of course. Maybe I should wrap it up and write a label saying: "to Diddums, lots of love from the cats. XXX"

The Goldfish said...

Thanks folks. Another grim day today but I'm coming out of it. And AJ is now much improved.

Vic, I know what you mean. It really has been a good and eventful year over all. You and I became aunties, which was pretty exciting. But yes, relatively small things can scew the perspective completely.

Mary, I guess I would have to know quite a bit more about Steve. But music is always good - especially obscure music or sheet music if he is a musician at all. He is bit of a biker, right? Perhaps there is some biker-related present, a piece of jewellery or another accessory which would be suitable? Hmm. Good luck.

Diddums. Your cats would surely have bought that mug had they had the means to do so, so that seems like a very sensible plan. :-)