Thursday, March 02, 2006

Scary Things #3 - Purple Haze all in my... head? eyes? I dunno

So the other night I woke up and saw a purple face at the window. I was startled, but it wasn’t that scary. For one thing, we are on the first floor and anyway the face was between the curtains and myself. And purple. Really quite bright purple as if it was emitting light.

Like I say, I was startled but I was thinking, “That isn’t really here.”

I do, after all, have some experience with things that aren't there. But it didn’t go away when I thought this. It just kind of hovered there. It was smiling at me. I wasn’t smiling back.

You know when you have been looking towards a light, you turn the light off and you see dots in the darkness? Well it made me think of that a bit. Except it was quite a vivid face. And there was no light in the room. There is the clock which projects the time onto the wall. But that’s red light was much dimmer than this.

My next theory (all the time there is this purple face staring at me) was that what I was actually seeing was dust or something on the surface of my eyeballs. You know sometimes when your eyes are half-open you focus on that stuff, like little threads and bubbles floating about? I was then making it into a face in the same way that some lady thought she saw the Virgin Mary on a toasted sandwich.

However, I was becoming increasing uneasy at this thing watching me, so I closed my eyes and lay on my side for a bit. I kept my eyes shut for some moments and when I looked up again it was gone. I then got up and went to the loo.

The next day, I tried research about the nature of light and the anatomy of the eye, to work out how I could be perceiving light on the surface of my eyeball in order to imagine this face. It was so bright. Not like the light filled the room or anything silly like that, but as bright as a cathode ray tube or something like this. However, I am no physicist and couldn’t work it out from anything I read.

Then it occurred to me that the face had appeared directly above th
e whimpering floorboard
. Since moving the furniture about we have started needing to walk about on a floorboard which doesn't creak but whimpers under foot. Parts of our building are over two hundred years old, back in the day where Whitby thrived on illegal activity and this was, we believe, an Inn.

So now I am thinking there is probably some treasure (or preferably a map to some treasure - more exciting) buried under the whimpering floorboard and that face, which was undoubtedly a pirate, appeared to guide me to it. He or she was probably known as "The purple pirate" or "The violet villain" on account of the fact that... he or she wore a lot of purple?

Of course I don't actually think that, at least I don't actually believe it, but I think that, because my imagination will skip, hop, leap and jump to the most ridiculous conclusion in the absence of a neat explanation.

Then last night when I was in bed quite a while before [...] and he came in and sat down on the bed, presumably to get undressed. Only when I turned over, there was nobody there.


Gimpy Mumpy said...

That gave me goosebumps!
I wonder if all the recent moving of furniture and rearranging of the house initiated all of this new activity?

marmiteboy said...

Might this be due to your decrease in pain meds? Maybe you are seeing purple men because your body is getting rid of some of the drug.

By the way I'm seriously pleased to hear that your pain levels are decreasing. It's great news. It's funny that even a small drop in our pain levels can be so significant. It just goes to show what a debilitating thing pain is.

Good luck Ms G. Keep on getting better.

Anonymous said...

MB is right, it could be connected to the changing level of Tramadol.

On the other hand, maybe you have upset the psychic rhythms of your home. Look at how cats, for example, get upset when the furniture is moved around and persist in looking at and walking round things that are no longer there!

The Goldfish said...

It didn't occur to me that it might be the Tramadol, especially as it is the night-time one I have dropped and I thought I would therefore get less 'weirdness' at night.

However, last night, I woke up in the night and saw a cartoon character (not one I recognised) run the length of the ceiling. This was not at all sinister or spooky, but nor was it related to what I had been dreaming about or anything floating round in my consciousness.

So whilst a part of me would like to imagine it was me psychic energys in disarray, I am afraid it may be straight forward drug-induced looniness.

Can't really understand why the absence of a drug which made me see things when I first took it would make me see things when I miss a dose...

BloggingMone said...

Apart from that drugs shouldn't have any side effects like the ones you mentioned in the first place, I hope you will nevery see anything really scary!