Friday, March 10, 2006

Life is Beautiful

I opened the kitchen window yesterday evening and there was this wonderful sound. It was raining, but mostly the sound was it splishing and splashing off everywhere and underneath this sound there were at least a couple of birds signing. I am pretty poor with birdsong; living where we do I can only identify birds that are not seagulls. But these little fellows were singing their hearts out. A lovely sounds like running your finger up the top end of a piano. Perhaps.

Anyway, with the combination of the birds and the water, it could have been the sounds of a waterfall in a forest glade. There are a good few waterfalls on the moors, hidden away. There is one, Falling Foss which is just gorgeous, but so out of the way. I can’t really tell you exactly how I got to see it, as it was a little naughty. But if you think about your perfect idea of a waterfall at the bottom of a fairly densely woods valley, so long as it doesn’t involve anything too tropical, Falling Foss is about there. Here is a picture, but it doesn’t do justice.

Later I got an e-mail from a friend who signed off

All my frustrated bewildered and frantic love,

which I thought was rather sweet.

Then today we had an adventure. Yup, I’ve been out of the flat twice this year and it’s only March! Today we went the supermarket at Scarborough. It was very exciting – we bought some fabric conditioner! Really it was great fun, I felt very sick on the way there and dozed most of the way back. But the novelty was pretty good.

There is still a lot of snow on the moors (it hasn't snowed since Saturday when a rescue helicopter had to replace the ambulance to Scarborough). It is mostly collected along the walls and hedgerows so you get the usual patchwork of farmland and moorland except with these silver-white borders between the different pieces of fabric. The sky was blue but so hazy that you couldn't actually make out the horizon; the big container ships travelling up the coastlooked like they were floating along in mid-air.

In other news, Disability Bitch is back on Ouch for the first time since... at least Christmas, I think. For the uninitiated, be warned: she is a bitch. Half the joy however is reading the occasional comment from people with irony deficiency complaining that she is, well, a bitch.


BloggingMone said...

Even though I have no idea what a fabric conditioner is (only know hair conditioner!), I am glad to hear you enjoyed the trip. Springtime is wonderful! Wish we had a hint of spring over here. It is snowing, snowing, snowing....
I enjoy reading disability bitch's posts and even more so the comments given by several people. "Irony deficiency" is a great expression. As I know several people with that condition I will keep it in my mind!

The Goldfish said...

I even saw some crocuses, still in bud of course - spring is on it's way.

Fabric conditioner or fabric softener is something you put in the washing machine with your washing powder to soften your laundry. I'm not bothered for it but AJ insists that the towels are too rough for his delicate skin without it.

At this particular supermarket we can buy a huge six-litre bottle which is best value for us.

marmiteboy said...

AJ is a man after my own heart.It makes yer clothes smell lovely too. I've often wondered if AJ and I are actually girls!!!

The moors sound absolutely beautiful. There is nothing like a waterfall in my book. Lovely.

Great news that you got out again. Really pleased to hear it.

BloggingMone said...

I must have switched my brain off! If hair conditioner softens hair, then fabric conditioner softens fabric.
To my excuse: I have never bought or used one. I have a tumble dryer where everything, especially towels come out very fluffy anyway.
Marmite, I have a girl like you and AJ here at home. He even insists on having fluffy and cosy SOCKS!!