Sunday, March 12, 2006

Not much to say really

I am having a few crap days and rediscovering what crap days are like. Which is basically good because it has been a while since I had a properly crap day, so I must be improving. I have been lying in bed watching the DVDs of Stephen Poliakoff’s Perfect Strangers on my laptop - do you remember that? I watched it through twice and managed only to sniff a bit through the second time. The first time I had to change my pillowcase. It is rather brilliant.

I have to say I rather approve of the statue of Winston Churchill in a straitjacket made to publicise the mental health charity Rethink. I wasn’t sure about the use of the straitjacket, but when I saw some of the disapproving opinions along the lines “Hitler was the deranged one, why not use him instead?” I thought the project must be worthwhile.

Don't forget to enter the Name That Pirate competition if you haven't already.


Anonymous said...

*Sigh* Perfect Strangers, what a brilliant piece of drama. Although if you haven't seen it, and particularly if you're having some crap days (which I hope pass soon), I can't recommend Poliakoff's drama prior to Perfect Strangers - Shooting The Past - highly enough ...

The Goldfish said...

I haven't seen Shooting the Past and it's now gone to the top of my "Rental Queue" thanks. :-)