Saturday, June 18, 2005

Zombie Stomp

I had a zombie movie dream last night. I often have dreams which fall into a very specific genre like this, but the zombies I don’t really understand – the last zombie movie I saw was the excellent Shaun of the Dead some time last year.

In my dream, you became a zombie by the standard method of being bitten by another zombie, but there was a novelty twist such that in a certain light all the zombies became invisible. Not sure what light - just in a certain light. Fortunately, they weren’t that strong, only as strong an ordinary person, so it was possible for me (I was a man of action hero levels of strength and fitness) to fight them off about two thirds of the time. And, luck would have it that all I needed to do at first was to make my way through town to the house of the mad professor who had both invented the zombies as well as conveniently having formulated the antidote.

Unfortunately, once I had killed (or as it was in fact, cured) all the zombies, I knew that that couldn’t be the end of it and there was going to be a sequel. It was during the third assault by the zombies – by which time they’d become immune to the antidote and I was out of ideas – that I finally woke up. Dreams like this are only semi-nightmarish – they’re kind of fun and I do know deep down it’s a dream, just I also have a sense that if I get hurt it will really hurt and if anyone innocent gets killed it really matters.

I also dreamt about something else, something about being part of an Irish dance troupe, but that was too surreal and disjointed to make sense of. No wonder I never feel rested.

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