Saturday, June 04, 2005

Paint Dries, Grass Grows etc.

Today has been almost as uneventful as the last two days, but hey, this is a blog and the lack of anything to write about is no obstacle to writing about it. I performed a really ace checkmate but [...] said I only won because he slipped up. Well, duh.

This evening a Market Research lady came to the door. It is the first one we've had here, but this is probably because last week we set up the doorbell - for the last three years, folks have had to knock on the door and we didn't always hear it. I don't think we missed anything.

Anyway, she says: "I'm from Such-and-such Market Research and we're talking to the ladies in the area. We're talking to the ladies; it will only take up ten minutes of your time. We want to ask the ladies a few questions about toilet cleaner."

Seriously. It sounds like a joke, but this is exactly what she said. Toilet cleaner. Ten Minutes? I can't think of questions about toilet cleaner that would take up two minutes, let alone ten. I was really very curious and I always feel so sorry for people who have to phone you up or knock on your door for a living. But to be honest she had said "ladies" and for this I turned her away. It's very silly, I know. In all the households I know consisting of one or more women it is always the women who purchase and administer the toilet cleaner. But me, I can't stand such truths.

So I told her, "Sorry, I use a man for that sort of thing." and closed the door.

Later I realised that we don't use toilet cleaner, we just use bleach. Why? I don't know, that's what [...] buys and that's what [...] uses and I presume he has some reason. I also presume there's a reason why he choses pine over citrus. Even so, there is never ten minutes worth of conversation to be had there. Not nearly.

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Anonymous said...

hey Goldfish!

I almost choked when I read the 'have a man for that" comment. Could just imagine you dangling AJ over the toilet and using HIM to scour it!!!!! I have a sad little sicko mind :)

VERy true though, far too long to think, never mind answer uestions on toilet cleaners!