Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Yellow Blanket Brigade

I’ve been doing a lot of sitting (well, lying propped up) and looking out the window today. The car-park on the other side of the river is packed. It’s school half-term so town is very busy. But I noticed a convoy of five wheelchairs moving along the edge of the carpark towards the town. They were all manual chairs being pushed by assistants and although I couldn’t make out a while lot about the wheelchair-users such as their age or sex, all five of them had bright yellow blankets over their knees. Not fluorescent or reflective yellow, just bright sunshine yellow fabric, like the cloths you buy for dusting. This made me sad. Why? Because I don’t think five wheelchair-users would have chosen to each have the same bright yellow blankets placed over their knees on a sunny day in June.

I wonder if they came from that bus I saw parking a short while earlier. It had writing on which I could read clearly from this side of the river saying “Jesus lives and will return.” Of course it is a cheaper way of doing things; buying a day return to Whitby as opposed to paying separate fares here and back, so Jesus obviously has His head screwed on. And I’m glad to see the King of Kings setting a good example by His use of public transport.

Why is that I connect the bright yellow blanket brigade with the Jesus bus? Why is that you are also making this connection? I need to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hi Goldfish,

Makes me sad too, about the 5 wheelchair users and their matching knee rugs.
I guess that is why I am my worse enemy, I am so hell bent on not wanting to be a subject of pity that I make things worse for myself by trying to prove a point. Sad that point is only mine really.

In the last comments thingy, you were referring to my hip problem. Well I have hypermobile/extendable joints (dislocated a lot of them often a child) My hip cracks and pops and is unstable, They think that the ligaments and tendons slip over the Greater Trochanter and get stuck in the joint rubbing together and causing chronic inflammation. and a nutshell...this is what they think..I am off to see the Ortho guy on monday, but GP thinks that they won't be able to offer me much hope :(

anyhoo, I made the same association about the Jesus bus and the blankies..

Hope tonight is a good night for you



The Goldfish said...

Well, I guess information is power, always, so even if you're told there's no hope, at least you will know the score; you should also get some advice about how to reduce or slow the damage , perhaps more effective pain relief etc.

You can start adapting your life then, considering all your options and hopefully in six months time things may be much easier even if your mobility is worse.

I know that's easy to say when learning for sure that things aren't going to get better is of course a BIG deal.

Still, I guess you'll have to wait and see on Monday. I'll be thinking of you.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)