Monday, June 27, 2005

Odd and Outrageous Websites

Three odd websites I have found for the first time this week. Nobody click on any of these if you think you are likely to be offended.

Alien Loves Predator is a photographed cartoon strip about the Alien and Predator living in New York. They're both interested in baseball. The story so far is that basically, the Yankees signed Jesus and Jesus has moved in with our two protagonists. I thought this was something to do with my painkillers.

The Landover Baptist Church Where The Worthwhile Worship, Unsaved Unwelcome. This is a somewhat outrageous response to the current wave of American Christian fundamentalism. But it is very funny and these people have read the Bible thoroughly. It's only sad that another group of people have set themselves up for such ridicule.

T-Shirt Hell
is a collection of the most close-to-the-mark and indeed on-the-mark t-shirt slogans. Some of them are very funny, some of them are shocking.

Having a generally good weekend. Bit annoyed today as for the first time ever I have actually lost money on trying to auction stuff on eBay. I know this is a bad time of the year for this, but I am still kind of surprised. I need to clear stuff out (mostly clothes) and most of the stuff really ought to be desirable to someone...


Katie said...

Hi Goldfish, Those websites sound funny, Haven't looked yet but probably will soon. hope everything is well, Email me if you get the chance! I would love to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Goldfish,

Do you know anyone who frequents boot sales?? My friend (dh's cousin Helen) goes every month of so to Knutsfords' affluent boot sales and makes a killing selling clothes. I say get someone else to do it as I can imagine it would be fatigue provoking.

Thanks for sharing those funny site.

Oh and I owe you an email, sorry for the delay, had a busy day yesterday and still recovering now. Amzing how much more drained and close to the egde I am thses days