Saturday, April 09, 2005

Weird weather and feeling better

Well after I wrote that I had a rest and then I played my guitar for a bit and began to get excited about one of my positives; I'm going to get a program called Adobe Audition so I can record and edit my compositions into the computer. I can play more than one guitar part and do some wailing over the top of it and stuff. It is a very expensive program, even on eBay although it is readily available via P2P - I'm a good girl and follow the rules as far as I possibly can. And frankly I had the trial version of Audition and it is a lovely piece of software - I wouldn't want to cheat the guys who put that together, even if they don't get the bulk of the money. I can also use it for the RNIB volunteering thingy I mentioned, which I intend to do as soon as my decks are a little clearer.

Meanwhile, this sunny April day got windy and snowed. It snowed. Horizontal snow. The flakes must have started falling in Sweden given the angles at which they were passing our windows in Whitby. It hasn't been very cold - I'm down to one layer much of the time and we've had the windows open earlier in the week. Now the snow has gone, the water in the river has calmed and the sun is so bright I have had to pull down the blind so I can see the screen. Weird weather.

Now I'm drinking funny coffee. It is funny coffee because it is decaffeinated, with skimmed UHT milk and fruit sugar - i.e sugar which is about a fifth of the calorific value of normal sugar. It is even funnier because I don't drink coffee and every now and then I have one of these and really really enjoy it despite it's complete lack of anything which might give you a buzz.

So now I feel better. Thanks for your patience.

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