Saturday, April 16, 2005

Note to self

Things I should not do when I'm miserable;
  • Click on the Next Blog button at the top of this page: it only leads to right wing Americans claiming to be Christians whilst listing all those texts and persons who ought to be burnt.
  • Read the news. About once or twice a week I read something which interests or amuses me. The rest of the time it is human tradegy or else old men bickering over words and numbers.
  • Listen to flippant rock music. If it makes me cry, I feel humiliated since the lyrics are banal. If I cried whilst reading Christina Rossetti or Emily Dickinson, my tears would be dignified.
  • Check my e-mail. My hopes are raised when I begin to download some messages only to see that they are from eBay telling me that I have been outbid on something I can't afford to pay more for.
  • Watch any of the Lord of the Rings films. Tolkein presented a surprisingly depressing view of the world if you think about it too hard.
  • Read Lord of the Rings. I am at page 832. I was at 822 a year ago. I'm not getting anywhere fast with that one.
  • Drink lemonade. I thought the fizziness and sugar would cheer me up but instead it's given me gas.

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