Sunday, April 03, 2005

Drat and double drat!

Sorry to do the old blog-as-a-dumping-ground on you, but today I am immensely frustrated. Mostly because I'm very tired, but at the same time extremely restless such that I can't sleep for long or lie comfortably doing nothing, not even next-to-nothing like watching a film or something and yet my brain simply won't engage with any task I ask it to perform. Only now at four in the afternoon has it found the capacity to string written sentences together, but not good ones which is why I am blogging and not doing any proper work just now.

It doesn't help that it is a truly beautiful day outside and I am too dopey to do anything about that like leaving the flat for the first time in a week. Coupled with this mental fatigue is the feeling that someone cut all the strings that were holding me up right and I am flopping about all over the place. Nevermind, I have had a little sleep now so maybe I will wake up and feel better this evening.

Last night I had a very strange dream about carrying my manual wheelchair around everywhere I went. Carrying it.

Ah well now I'm being spoken at and I can't think and write and listen all at once, that's for sure.

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