Friday, April 01, 2005

Megadoubts and Getting Better.

See, my cold is loads better today and I had a solid nights sleep, so today I'm going to be very well behaved, rest often and try and be productive in the meantime instead of the aimless meandering between tasks which dominated yesterday. Yesterday I decided my Five Good Things were nonsense, but today I can breath again and I stick by what I said.

Last night I had megadoubts about my novel and decided it was really bad. Not just slightly, but really, all wrong, complete rubbish. This morning I have concluded that it is nothing I can't get over - if such concerns were justified, then I'll just have to stick with it a little longer.

Today is April 1st, so we're a quarter of the way through the year already - aaah! I would do an April Fools blog but I'm too nice and frankly unimaginative this morning. Now I'm going to get on with some work.

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