Friday, April 15, 2005

A Party Political Blogcast

There is nothing impartial about this blog. Please vote Liberal Democrat on May 5th. They rock. The thing is about them is that they want to make everything fairer. None of their rhetoric is based on fear and hatred. They seem to be the only party who place social responsibility at the centre of their policies - everybody else seems to be trying to tell me that I personally will be better off under them, which frankly isn't my prime concern when I'm thinking about who is going to run the country. Plus Charles Kennedy looks just like my nearly-but-not-quite brother-in-law, the man my sister is to marry in ony four months time less a day. I know. I told her, I said, "he's ginger", I said, but would she listen?

I don't think the Lib Dems have much chance of victory this time, but it would be against my conscience not to vote or to vote tactically. And anyway, locally we have a Lib Dem counsellor who is absolutely excellent; always involved in local matters, issues newslettes to let all local residents know what is going on.

If I did vote for someone else, I'm not sure who I would vote for. I don't trust anything Labour says or does. They really have messed things up on so many levels, so many pledges in writing which they have renaged upon and all the good they have done seem to be token gestures. The War in Iraq was a total cock up, not because it wasn't a just war, but because most of us were told so many conflicting versions of events by our own Goverment that none of us really know what it was about, whether it was right or wrong or anything. The thing about Newspeak is that, although meant to confuse and deceive, the lines have to at least appear to remain consistant or else people notice the cracks. I think lots of us have noticed the cracks, with the war and with the use of statistics about how all our lives are getting better.

As for the blues, the first sixteen years of my life were spent under the Conservatives, during which time life experience taught me to dislike them. And they've got it all wrong about many of the issues they seem obsessed with. MRSA kills a tiny number of people compared to, for example, flu in the elderly who remain impoverished and neglected in their own homes. And as for immigration, it is not possible to limit the number of asylum seekers in good conscious - of course, they should control immigration, kick out undesirables etc, but fireman don't have quotas of the number of people they should try to rescue from a burning building.

Sometimes I despair of this country, but then I always remind myself that those who shout the loudest are not necessarily representative of anybody but themselves. And whoever gets in on May 6th is not necessarily representative of the majority since so many people, dissillusioned by the above, chose not to vote at all.

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