Monday, April 09, 2007

The Long and Winding Road

Yesterday was a very long day. The main drama was entirely unbloggable, several levels of unbloggable. It involved someone being told something that they shouldn't have been told in circumstances where I shouldn't have known either about the something or the telling. The principle conclusion being that some human beings behave in very strange and illogical ways, and I am probably related to most of them.

Mostly a good day though.

I got to meet my two youngest cousins at last. I had thought of them as babies, but they’re not even toddlers any more. They are however, extraordinarily active and extraordinarily noisy. Happy with it, though, which is the important thing. Best line of little girl to twin brother; “Pooey! You smell like pyjamas!”

I said the wrong thing to my Gran. During a lengthy discussion about her medical problems, she complained (as she often does) that if she was the Queen Mother, doctors wouldn't stop until they cured her of all her ailments. I gently suggested that just now, Gran was doing ever so slightly better than the Queen Mother. Big Mistake.

I got to see my Granny Kelly who has put on weight and looks about ten years younger than she did this time last year.

I was invited to the wedding of two people who I have neither met nor had any contact with whatsoever.

I got an Easter Egg. I really didn’t expect to get an Easter Egg.

It was beginning to get dark by the time we got home, and we saw a fox, two rats and seven deer. Seven deer. Not all at once; most of the deer seemed to be grazing in pairs by the side of the road. I’ve never seen so many; in fact, I can’t remember seeing a deer so close to the road before and it’s fairly rare to see a fox.

Right now, my Mum, Dad and [...] are attempting to put the kitchen ceiling back. Sounds painful.


Timbo said...

Busy, busy, busy!

Mary said...

Kitchen ceiling?

BloggingMone said...

If the kitchen ceiling had to be put back, I assume it was in a place where it wasn't supposed to be. What happend??!

The Goldfish said...

Yes, the ceiling collapsed following the flood. We stapled some paper up as a temporary measure, but it has taken us until today to actually put it up properly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. I still have nightmares about the time our kitchen ceiling collapsed. (Specifically, that moment when the plumber asked me to stand ready with a bucket while he drilled little draining holes through the plasterboard above my head.) May your new ceiling last 100 years, and your dreams free of uncontrollably leaking walls and/or ceilings.

Did you also partake of a creme egg? They're exclusively an Easter-time phenomenon here, which my husband finds completely outrageous (and rightly so). We're carefully rationing our little carton of mini creme eggs; after they're gone we likely won't see them again till next year. They've already disappeared from the shop down the road.

spotted elephant said...

You saw a fox, two rats, and seven deer! What an amazing day. Sorry for my animal bias, but that's quite a sighting!

The only time I've seen a fox was when I lived in an enormous apartment complex. I was coming out of my apartment, and the fox was running down the *sidewalk*!

Anonymous said...

Spotted Elephant, I'm with you--we love going to our summertime pool at the Girl Scout camp because we always see rabbits, and often deer and groundhogs.

Unfortunately, in our neighborhood, which includes a piece of forest surrounded by city, deer near or on the road are a frequent and dangerous occurence.

I once saw a bat snuggled up for the day under the lip of a stair in front of my then-workplace.

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that you are able to get out and about in some real countryside, Goldfish.

This is really the best time of year to do this, with everything coming out into bloom or seeking mates.

I would advise investing in a good bird and flower book, so that even when you are feeling not so strong you can look up and identify stuff.

Why not try sketching? Before the arthritis got to my hands I used to draw the flowers I saw, inspired (but a long way behind) Keble Martin. I kept a record of their locations to remind me of those days.