Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Friends Electric

This morning we received a visit from Boogaloo Dude, Lady Bracknell's Chauffeur. Being a modern and caring employer, her Ladyship had kindly granted him an entire week's annual leave which he is taking with his family in Yorkshire. The Goldfish household experienced a slight catering crisis and had nothing to offer but gingernuts, but the Dude made no complaint. Her Ladyship is very fortunate to have such a charming and affable gentleman on her staff.

A very swish CD case designMeanwhile, another of my friends and occasional commenters, esteemed Ouch networker Pete Mentalasfork produced this fantastic design for Alexander's Christmas album.

This is so good, I'm beginning to think that I might actually have to help my young nephew to produce some tracks for real.


Anonymous said...

What was that, now, about albums, judging, and covers? Bah! I'm sold. Here's £20 quid. *pays*

Thank you very much for the link, by the way; it's always an honor to be given a nod by a fellow writer (particularly one of such excellence and insight). :) I hope you don't mind my having linked to you as well.

Lady Bracknell said...

Given that Lady Bracknell is still too unwell to venture far beyond the gates of Bracknell Towers, the Dude's chauffering duties would have been very slight this week.

It was, therefore, somewhat prescient of her ladyship to grant this particular week as his holiday.

Although she must have words with him on his return about his attendance at meetings in Manchester on days when she is booked in to visit the osteopathic gentleman...