Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Rock Star Goes Classical

Four baby-faced choir boysProving that it's never too late to reinvent yourself, after two long months in the rock industry, veteran rocker Alexander has decided to do what his agent describes as "a Charlotte Church in reverse". Shaking off his aggressive hard-rock personna, he has decided to release an album of traditional choral works in time for Christmas.

"This sort of thing runs in the family," says Alex, "It was a toss-up between my Dad and Alec Jones who sang Walking In The Air."*

The album, entitled En ducky goo-goo lo is anticipated to become a Christmas classic, the like of which has not been seen since Jingle Cats.

In other sinister rock news (because that picture does look sinister to me), a band that I have actually heard of is headlining Whitby Goth Weekend next week. The Damned (who sang that one about having a new rose, remember?) are joined by the wonderfully named Vampire Beach Babes, Inertia, Trauma Pet and Uninvited Guest. There are others too, but with slightly less striking names.

For those interested in marginally less disturbing baby pictures (only marginally), André has started publishing his own baby photos in anticipation of his fortieth birthday next month.

* That's actually kind of true.


Anonymous said...

I believe that you are being taken advantage of by the undeniably cute rising star!

As his de facto publicist, shouldn't you be getting a hefty percentage of his past and present income from his hits?

Anonymous said...

Alexander has a lovely smile, but has he got it in him to handle the rock life, the booze, the drugs and the women? (If not, he can throw em my way and I'll have a go.)

PS, what is the beta?