Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Wall

The wonderful thing about coming up from a bad patch is that you get write the all rules afresh. Everything has come to a halt, so how you start it again, is up to you – you don’t have bad habits because you have slept them off - in my case, quite literally.

So now I am going to try to be very good. I am going to pace all my activities perfectly. I am going to be the model patient. About time too - less than two weeks to the lurgy's tenth anniversary. Last night as I was going to sleep I calculated that I have probably consumed an average of 2kg (uh, four and half pounds?) of prescription medication every year since I have been ill. I am not sure if this is a lot or not much really. Actually, now I'm thinking I need to do that sum again...

In the comments to an earlier post I mentioned that whilst the texture of my ceiling is extremely smooth and dull, I do have this lovely wall opposite the bedroom window. Today is a grey day; usually the colours are brighter. And I could spend some hours pointing out all the faces and animals which can be seen (although I admit, now it is a photograph, they are not as clear as they are in real life).

Today is a year since The Wedding of The Century. Which gives me an excuse to phone up Rosie and Adrian and find out if there are any signs of Tinker's imminent arrival.

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