Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Law of Sod

I have a theory. Should I declare that I am having a hiatus from blogging until I feel much better, so I'll stop worrying about my blog and my lack of postings, well I have a theory that this will mean that tomorrow or maybe the next day, I will feel miles better, get back to normal and then feel guilty for this act of melodrama.

So I am going to test this theory, thus:

Now follows a hiatus! I may be gone some time!

I am okay, just sleeping. I have been awake for precisely four hours today, spread out over the day and now I am going back to bed.

In the meantime this was the best news story this last week. Note that this took place at Wookey Hole, from where the Dalek was stolen last year and where two rabbits were married in April. That's Somerset for you.


Sally said...

Sod it, quite right too !

Mary said...

Wookey Hole is just one of those places...

And go for it! Take a blogging break! And if you do feel better, use the feelybetterness to do YOU things! Go have some reflexology, or spend a whole day doing total rest (saving up spoons) so you'll be able to really enjoy a meal with AJ, or watch a film, or anything! You don't have an obligation to blog, you know. It's entirely unimportant, especially when held up against your general health.

(that's not to put down your blog, it's a great read, it's just in terms of *your* life there are more important things than the internet, oh god I hope I'm not causing offence here)

midwesterntransport said...

I shall miss you while you're gone! But I'm glad to know that you're making space for what you need to do.

spotted elephant said...

Agree with everyone else-good for you for doing what you need to do for yourself. When you come back, we'll all be happily waiting for you.

BloggingMone said...

Do whatever is good for you and enjoy it as much as possible. I will miss reading your blog and will be awaiting your happy return!