Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Poetry Corner - Boing!

First off, I should put in a notice that Ballastexistenz is asking for other autistic contributors to participate in Getting The Truth Out, an excellent response to the rather odious Getting The Word Out. I imagine you'd need some guts to put yourself out there, but I reckon it is an important message, if any auties happen to be reading this.

I am still feeling grim, but significantly less so today. So I guess my theory is working out, right?

This poem is even sillier than my normal standards given the context, but I do mean it. Only I haven't yet got the brainpower to articulate it in prose, let alone some sort of sensible and meaningful poetic interpretation.


However far I’ve had to fall
And hopeless, it may seem,
Often in the darkest deep
I find a trampoline!

Just when all the world above
Is a distant fading light,
My feet may meet that canvas sheet
And hurl me into flight!

It may not send me all the way
That one almighty spring,
But just now being half-way-up’s
A truly wondrous thing!

So now I have to set about
A slow and steady climb,
Which may require my patience
And it will take me some time.

So rather than a crumpled heap
Deep down in the abyss,
I'm now over half-way-up
And grateful to the Swiss!

(because uh, it was a Swiss chap named Kurt Baechler brought the great sport of trampolining to Europe, of course - everyone knows that!).

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ben said...

It's a good theory, apparently.

glad you're having a better day.

Sally said...

That is a wonderful silly poem, not silly, wonderfully silly ... erm, its good, it made me smile.
What talent !

Now don't get carried away .. back to bed with you !

Seriously, we know you are around, just do what you want, when you want to do it.

BloggingMone said...

I loved reading the poem, it's great. I have never heard of a poem on trampolins before, so that certainly is a novelty. I am sure the Swiss will be beaming with joy!
Good to know you are feeling better.