Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Poker Metaphors

My diet of Americana is taking it's toll. I have never played poker. I don't even begin to understand the rules. More a chess girl me. Or Scrabble. But here I am at a very crucial stage of my novel using poker-related metaphors.

Is this okay? I mean, gambling is one great big metaphor that can be applied to most decision-making and poker involving an element of deception... No, no, poker will not do. I am English for Jingo's sake! And I live in Yorkshire. If I want to gamble I make bets on whippets.

Jennifer decided to back Buster, the rather mangy whippet with a limp and half an ear missing and so she decided to meet John and hope nothing would happen. John, on the other hand, put all his money on Tiddles, a pedigree whippet with a taste for rabbit. By eck and hell, as like as maybe, 'appen by fireside. Tiddles won and Buster had a massive cardiac arrest half way down the track. Only when Jennifer woke up in John's bed the next morning did she remember the limp and realise her mistake.

Okay, poker it is.

And I don't have any characters called Jennifer and John and nobody ends up in bed together in case you were worried. I was just testing the water.


Katie said...

Hi goldfish! it seems that we share a love of Scrabble which my Dad and sister do too, with their occasional bickering when Lou gets long words and gets high scores!!!

Love the passage from your book, the characters are great! Good luck with your book, I'll be honoured to read it first if you want a second opinion!

marmiteboy said...

No one ends up in bed together eh?

And there was me hoping for a bodice ripper ;-)

The Goldfish said...

Katie - Thanks for your kind offer. I shall certainly consider asking your opinion when I get to that stage.

Marmite Boy - I didn't say there was no sex, just that no-one winds up in bed together. ;-)