Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mind-Blowing Decisions

I am stuck. I need a new cardigan. I had one but I gave it to the charity shop accidently on purpose. But I can't decide which one. I like this one and I like this one too and two would be excessive and beyond my means. Purple or blue. Blue or purple. What do you think? I am really struggling with decisions at the moment but it's getting progressively cold. I've already got me legwarmers on.

Both cardigans are from Funky Ware and are of course Fair Trade. I mean, capitalist dogs don't make clothes like this. Following the success of my previous poll (the results of which I am um, yet to act upon), I thought I would leave it to you. This time I will do what you tell me. I think. Probably. I'll also only leave it a few days because as I said, it's getting right parky.

(I'm not just asking you for a filler or because I like running polls - I honestly can't make up my mind and I've been tyring to come to a decision all week).

Which cardigan should I buy?
The Really Funky Blue One
The Really Funky Purple One
Neither You Tree-Hugging Lentil-Munching Patchouli-Scented Hippy!

1 comment:

Katie said...

Ooh! decisions are hard to make aren't they Goldfish! I voted for the purple one but as I saw your poll it looks as if the blue one is winning!

It's your decision!

Hope you have a good time picking out your cardigan!