Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Friendly Bacteria

I am having a hard time today, so I am distracting myself by pondering absolute trivia. Like yoghurt. [...] bought me home a pack of yoghurt with four flavours; strawberry, apricot, fig and rhubard. Fig flavour yoghurt? Rhubard?!! I should inform you that that rhubard flavour yoghurt does not taste very much like rhubard because if it did, it really wouldn't work. As it is it tastes of vanilla with a bit of a tart edge. But who sat down in the office (at Danone) and thought, "Hmm, rhubard - an excellent flavour for a yoghurt!" And fig? Is this just a way of reiterating that yoghurt is good for you, by making it taste vaguely unpleasant?

That was the deepest thought I had today. Indicative of my state I think.

You may observe that there have been a number of recent additions to my Favourite Blogs list. These include my mate Becca at Comprehension Dawns and Marmite Boy at Marmite Boy On Toast who are regular Ouchers just getting into this blogger lark. Katya at Broken Clay is another disabled blogger who I've meant to add to this list for an age.

By the way, all the bloggers on my blog list are disabled. This was a coincidence initially, but since then I have exercised a policy of positive discrimination. That having said, they are blogs I do actually consider worth reading - it's not purely out of sympathy for the poor crippled bastards.

On the subject of which, a blog which deserves an extra-special mention is The Perorations of Lady Bracknell (yeah, I keep thinking
perforations as well) which is an excellent new blog from everyone's favourite literary battle-axe. It is very very good, do go check it out.

If you're up for something more sombre and beautiful check out today's entry at Did I Miss Something?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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The Goldfish said...

Does any lovely techy person know why I am attracting these spambots particularly? The things seem to love me.

marmiteboy said...

Thanks for linking me to your blog Goldfish, I'll do the same for you once young Luke has taught me how to do it.



Lady Bracknell said...

Lady Bracknell is humbled by The Goldfish's generous comments about her own blog. She had not realised that the hoi polloi might misread the title of her blog to contain the word 'perforations', but feels that she should not bow to any external pressures to make changes to accommodate persons of an impoverished vocabulary.

Lady Bracknell endeavours to be educational at all times... ;-)

Luke said...

Wow, someone's being nice to me not out of sympathy. It makes me think I'm a real person (Which of course I'm not - I'm a Crip)

"and kids, what do we call it when we give equal opportunities to people who are clearly not equal?"
- Little Vicky on The Simpsons

Katie said...

It's great somebody likes linking to my blog not out of sympathy too!

Goldfish, you're a sweetie! I would do the same on my blog but as I am not a techie it's difficult so probably I'll name you all each in turn.