Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things that go bump in the day

This week I have fainted often, fallen down even more often, but nevertheless managed to get all my Christmas cards in the post (well, [...] put them in the post, but I did my thing). I have not been suffering terribly; I was far more miserable last week when I was going down hill. At the bottom of the hill, strategy is always much clearer. Even if not much else is. Like how long you've been lying on the kitchen floor and what were you doing before you got there.

Now I am picking up, although I am still wandering about with the strong sense that I'm about to pass out and/or fall down at any moment. Bathing is still a little scary, as you might imagine. And my heart is falling out of rhythm rather too often. I think my rock'n'roll lifestyle may be catching up with me.

A snake puzzle - I don't know how to describe itWe finished the one Christmas present we have managed to make this year (I had planned to make others, they all fell off the list). It is a puzzle for Alex. It was [...]'s idea; the snake's stripes come out and you have to put them back in the right order. [...] did most of the cutting and I did most of the painting. I realise there's no indication of scale here, it is enormous - about 16" wide.

Having come to terms with what I'm not going to achieve before Christmas, I am now looking forward to it.


Never That Easy said...

That's a great puzzle: I'm sure it will be a big hit.

The falling? I am in hatred with the falling. Please be careful. (as is possible)

Thank you for your thoughtful, sweet, and genuine comment on my post - it means so much, really. I hope you know that.

Best wishes for a very merry Christmas!

Vic said...

Oh Goldfish ((((((((((hugs))))))))). Take good care of yourself won't you - yeah, I know, like you're going to run a marathon...

Anonymous said...

Please take care and have a happy holiday!

Anonymous said...

Is there a birthday coming up? I'm trying to work thru your archives- fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Wow, if only you had an army of elves to replicate them for you, you could make money out of those jigsaws :)

Cusp said...

That really is a great puzzle. It's so lovely that you put so much creativity and effort into teh little chap's presents.

Take care. The feeling of imminent falling or fainting is one I know only too well so you have my support.

Hope Christmas is enjoyable for you both