Thursday, November 30, 2006

No news is good news, I guess

Hooray for the Whitby Gazette! Sometimes life in North Yorkshire seems terribly unglamourous, but then you read news like this: A pint of bitter - shaken but not stirred. This is the gripping news that the new James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, visited these parts when he was in an episode of Heartbeat (retro police drama filmed in this area) - as recently as 1993! The conclusion of the article sums up the grand scale of this showbiz revelation:
But although at least two present Goathland residents were acting as extras in Heartbeat at that time they have no recollection of Mr Craig.
Whitby Gazette correspondent Monica Urquhart was an extra in Heartbeat stories from 1991 until about five years ago.
She doesn't remember the episode but among her recollections as an extra was one when they recorded a carol service in St Mary's Church.
And she agreed that it's probable Mr Craig will have also been in St Mary's for the filming of the episode he appeared in.
Resident Peter Wainwright has appeared in 191 Heartbeat episodes but he cannot recall the Daniel Craig one either.
In other words, this actor who is in one really big movie, once came to this part of the world and probably came to St Mary's Church in Whitby, but nobody remembers a thing about it.

Meanwhile, a hand-grenade was found at the Recycling Centre, but everything was okay. Phew!


Disability Blogger said...

Didn't see another way to contact you, but the link you have to criprevolution now seems to be a gateway to viagra and hotel ads and spyware.

BTW, that was an interesting debate a couple weeks ago--which I think you took part in, forgive me if I am wrong about that--on that other fellow's site (the one who deleted the post because he apparently didn't like the feedback he was getting). I wish he'd left the post because it was very emblematic of the very common false assumptions that are made about individuals who file for disability benefits.

Disability Blogger said...

oh, forgot to mention. I was fairly impressed by Daniel Craig as the new bond (blogged about the movie recently). I think he'll be good for the franchise.

Mary said...

Yay for small local newspapers! A quick glance at the most recent one on the recycling pile here shows article headers like "Kitten found!" and so on which is nice. Certainly preferable to "pensioner found horrifically murdered in own home".

Anonymous said...

Get me a celebrity; I'm out of here!

Anonymous said...

Most gnus is good gnus

[Johnny Morris 1916 - 1999. A celebrity worth remembering]

Anonymous said...

Disability blogger is right; I've had to remove criprevolution from my sidebar because of the misdirection.

Whether you agree with the man's views or not, just remember that someone who could hac into blogger and hijack his address, which is what I suspect has happened, could hijack anyone's they didn't like.

Anonymous said...

Every week my true love and I go through the police log in our local paper. They print the whole thing. It is hilarious the sort of thing that spoiled, neurotic suburbanites will call the cops for: strange truck in neighbor's driveway...because neighbor has a guest...strange man atop local pizzeria...because there's an apartment above it and he lives there...getting flipped off by a bicyclist...words exchanged over trash can locations... Then there was the Great Parsnip Caper of 2006 wherein someone stole from a community garden -- which is awful, actually, because all the food grown there goes to charity -- this year's entire crop of parsnips (something like 800 lbs., if I remember correctly) right as they came ripe (if "ripe" is the right word for a parsnip). Passersby couldn't see the crop growing from the road, so it had to be an inside job. They still haven't caught the culprits.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Goldfish. By the way, in the US 21 means one can now legally drink and gamble - neither a big deal to me! Have a great weekend.

The Goldfish said...

Sorry I didn't reply to any of these comments sooner - no energy left. Always appreciated nevertheless.

Have now removed Crip Revolution from the blogroll. A hack is an extremely unlikely scenario, especially as the chap hasn't been about since then; he probably simply had enough of blogging. Which is unfortunate, but I don't think the rest of us have anything to worry about security-wise.