Monday, November 20, 2006

Lost among the subway crowds, I try to catch your eye

Yesterday we went to London! It was very exciting. Since I was last in our nation's Capital they have built an enormous whirly-gig called the London Eye, the Millennium Bridge and a great glass Gherkin, hopefully part of a growing trend to promote healthy-eating through architecture.

I had been invited to a party that we didn't expect to be able to attend before my folks very generously volunteered give us a lift in. [...] was concerned that they would have nothing to do while we were at this party.

"It is a Sunday," he said, "It's not as if any of the shops or tourist attractions will be open."

He was rather shocked at the scenes in Oxford Street and Regents Street on the way home. To be honest, I was rather shocked as soon as we got into London at the sheer volume of people, I mean so many people. I saw more faces in one day yesterday than I have seen in the last five years put together. Also, there was a strong sense that most of the buildings in central London have been built for people three feet taller than me. Everything is so grand and so very big. But the Christmas Lights were fantastic and London does have a certain romance.

We had a great time, it was the busiest day in absolutely ages and we met some lovely people. Today I shall sleep.

Just a little reminder that today is the deadline for submitting any posts to the 4th Disability Carnival, which I will post here on Thursday.


marmiteboy said...

I am only sad that I missed out on the 'do'. I was sadly totally knackered following two 'dos' the previous two days and had no more juice in the tank. Really sorry I missed you Goldfish and all the others who attended.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time. I knew you would!

And I'm not at all jealous! Oh no. Not me!


I didn't want to go anyway!

[stifled sob]

BloggingMone said...

Good to hear you had a great time! London is wonderful. But it is crowded, especially the tube. The hamburg Underground never is that crowded, I think. I remember that once when I was on the London tube, I felt thatthere was no more room for absolutly anyone, someone has actuall managed to squeeze in a full sized harp!

pete said...

Twas great to catch up with you and AJ at last.

You are a lot better in the flesh than in ink! Indelible;-)

Knowing me. Knowing you. Ha-Ha!

Katie said...

It's OK Marmite and Dude - quite frankly it was a disappointment. We're all far duller in real life than online, the conversation ran dry within minutes, then we all sat round all afternoon in silence while our carers wiped dribble from our faces and mashed up our food for us.

You were missed...!


Anonymous said...

I quite understand Katie. I had a taster of that the other week when I visited Goldfish and AJ in their aquarium.

After the initial pleasantries, we just sat in awkward silence for about 90 minutes. Obviously being all handicapped up, we had no social skills, precious little intellect and nothing interesting to say beyond moaning about how miserable life is when you are crippled.

So Sunday must have been even worse, there being so many of you in one place.

I'm feeling much better now, thankyou!