Friday, November 10, 2006

The 4th Disability Carnival is Coming Soon.

David at Growing Up With A Disabilty did a sterling job hosting the 3rd Disability Blog Carnival yesterday. The next one will be here, at Diary of a Goldfish, on Thursday 23rd November. You can make submissions for it (by Monday 20th, please) here or by e-mailing me.

The theme for this Carnival will be Different Ways of Going About Things. As always, any disability-related blog posts are welcome, but I am particularly interested in the ways in which people are able to the things they want to do by some method other than the usual methods which are frequently barred to us for one reason or another.

This could anything from how you use equipment or a neat way you have devised to manage something you wouldn't otherwise be able to do, right through to the ways in which, because of impairment, you have found a completely different way of looking at your life, what you want to do with it and how that might be achieved.

We are used to hearing a lot about what we can't do, the way in which impairments stop us doing very much of what is considered to be normal. But is there only one way of going about any given task? Are the expectations of a normal life all that they are made out to be? And might there be some richer adventure to be had along the road less travelled?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the notice, I'll try and post something for it.

David said...

Thanks a lot Goldfish. I'm really looking forward to your carnival! Very interesting topic.

Anonymous said...

Forgive a computer-illiterate old codger, Goldfish, but how does this work? Do we put something on our own blogs with a link to yours, like Blogging Against Disablism Day, or do we send you a text file via email, or what?

The Goldfish said...


Four things you can do if you feel so inclined:

(1). Link to the carnival - to me or to the carnival page to increase it's publicity

(2). Write something on this topic, or another disability-related post in the period running up to the carnival and submit it to me.

(3). Consider the posts by other people that you like and submit them to the carnival. If people don't know of the carnival or are especially modest, then their inclusion depends on the rest of us drawing attention to it.

(4). Volunteer to host a future carnival (to Penny, who maintains this).

Thanks. :-)

Nicola said...

ello goldfish

just thought i'd say hi. been looking back across the blogs that i've neglected so shamefully.