Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ten Things

1. Since last report, the menacing spider has appeared twice on the inside of skirts as I have been pulling them on and once underneath a blanket I was pulling over my legs. I kid you not; this spider is out to get me.

2. I don't know how but I have injured my foot whilst asleep and it is now rather uncomfortable and stuck in a sort of twisted position. Being just a few paces behind the latest fashion, I have decided I have a fractured metatarsal.

3. On the plus side, the pills I've got for my nausea seem to be working, along with the ginger tea and other recommendations gratefully received. The stuff I have is called, uh... ranitidine? I asked the doctor what Mount Everest was like and he said, "High."

4. James Medhurst uses Big Brother to illustrate the argument for proportional representation.

5. Disability Nation have made massive improvements to their website. Their most recent podcast was about being gay and disabled, featuring someone from BFLAG - Blind Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

Cedric6. Guess what this picture on the right is before you click on it. Were you even in the right ball-park? I need reassurance (in other words, say you knew exactly).

7. I like the warm weather. It is warm. I don't have to wear socks twenty-four hours a day and I don't have to worry about how I'm going to get my hair dry when I wash it.

8. I like being grown-up; yesterday we had Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Frozen Yoghurt with some Yorkshire Puddings for lunch. Another advantage of being grown-up is that you can make a den with furniture and blankets and stay in it all day. Also, people take you more and more seriously whilst you take yourself less and less seriously. Childhood was crap in comparison.

9. I still haven't finished about the Oddballs, but I am too tired today (don't cheer!).

10. I finally receieved Murderball from the DVD rental people, but I really couldn't be bothered with it so I sent it back unwatched. I now feel like a traitor to the cause. But I haven't actually heard anything good about it apart from the fact that it wasn't deeply patronising. Hardly a recommendation.


Anonymous said...

I knew what that picture was, because Mum has got one!

You can have some of the spare heatfrom down here if you like!

ANother inane comment - the random letters for word verification, how do they make sure they're not a rude word - in *any* language?

Katie said...

Really don't worry about Murderball. It's notable only in that it's not completely rubbish, yet it's not actually very good, either. No traitorship involved.

The Goldfish said...

I must confess that at half past three, I am actually feeling the heat rather and wish I had made icecubes...

I think one of the "rules" of the word verification is that they don't use vowels (or use very few - I can't remember seeing one with vowels), and there are very few words in any language which don't use any vowels at all.

Katie, thanks for your reassurances. ;-)

The Goldfish said...

What did you like about it El? If someone says it has something to offer, I would be interested to give it a second chance (or uh, a first chance).

Kay Olson said...

I found Murderball worthwhile because it does present disabled athlete guys as no other film ever has -- like real jocks. Yet I disliked it because it was the same old story about jocks: Disabed women (even disabled women jocks) were nowhere to be found in the film.

Katie said...

Hmmm, mine is just personal opinion, of course.

But for a film about sport, it didn't show much of the sport, which leads me to believe that the game itself isn't that interesting or good.

And there was a fair amount of brooding about disability and how people became disabled, and I'm never a fan of that.

I sort of wanted it to be a film about sport, and it turned out to be a film about crippledom, and it wasn't a film about the sort of crippledom I relate to...

So it's a very personal objection, and I don't expect everyone to share it.

And the script wasn't great, and as a documentary I felt it was constructed quite badly...

It's a while since I've seen it, so I'm not good with specifics, I just came out a bit disappointed because I'd been expecting great things. I didn't get TERRIBLE things - it did show the team as human beings rather than objects of curiosity - but still...