Monday, July 17, 2006

Poetry Corner - Impossible! (a villanelle)

A brief interlude from all that nonsense about Oddballs and an unwelcome return for Poetry Corner. This time, I am attempting to advance the cause of terrible angst-ridden poetry by promoting the villanelle. If you don’t know what a villanelle is, click here.

The great thing about writing bad poetry within such rigid constraints is that even if you started writing something with feeling, the pain is quickly dispersed by the form – whatever you do, it is going to sound ridiculous. I recommend that any poetry written between the ages of 13 and 18 should be written in this form

I was feeling rather overwhelmed with everything I need to do, want to do and feel compelled to do at the moment, but now I am much calmer.


I hope somehow I shall prevail,
O'er everything that I must do
Impossible! I’m bound to fail!

Try as I might, to no avail,
My breaking point is overdue.
I hope somehow I shall prevail.

Weak my mind and body frail
Yet maybe I can stumble through?
Impossible! I’m bound to fail!

Slow and steady, like a snail,
A viscous crunch beneath your shoe.
I hope somehow I shall prevail.

Perhaps if I can just exhale,
My face won't be so purplish-blue?
Impossible! I’m bound to fail!

Everything I try to do;
My life, this poem; a pile of poo!
I hope somehow I shall prevail.
Impossible! I’m bound to fail!

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Anonymous said...

In which a dull wit finds courage to comment on your glittering blog.

I'd like to say thanks for your rhyme and rich thoughts
you make my brain think, its been doing it lots
but its real hard work and you cause me to tire
So I'll just have to say, this leporid you inspire.

I see no weak mind on this golden fish
I hope you prevail, it's just what I wish

Ne'er a rhyme have I wrote before
and for the sake of mankind, I shall do no more.


The Goldfish said...

Thank you very much, Mr Bunnyman, I am very honoured. :-)

Unknown said...

my teacher took your peom an she is teaching it to us