Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Life Pursuit

I thought I hadn't had much e-mail for a few days because nobody loves me, but I started fiddling with it this morning and something has gone seriously asquew - the first thing that downloaded was an e-mail from a friend sent on the 22nd July 2004...

However, as far as I know I don't owe anybody e-mail, so if you have written to me and not heard back, I didn't hear from you in the first place. And I have (apparently) fixed the problem, so if you would kindly resend any e-mail... that is if anyone actually sent me anything in the last little while, when probably they didn't because nobody loves me... Oh come on, at least someone must want to offer me some Viagra or something?

I was supposed to have a visitor this afternoon - first one in six months - but since my e-mail has buggered itself up I don't know if he's coming. I think I will have to resort to the use of... the telephone! Aaaagh!

Oh now post has arrived and there's lots of that. So someone loves me. Oxfam loves me, Tesco loves me, La Redoute loves me (all this strikes me as rather conditional love)... oh and Marmite Boy! Oh I'll be all right now as I have a nice CD to listen to.
Gracias mucho muchacho del Marmite.


Lady Bracknell said...

As soon as Lady Bracknell manages to trudge as far as the local post office, there will be another package winging its way to Whitby.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know it's 3.58pm in the good old UK and I've just sent you an email.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I could pretend that the full-length email reply I promised - rather than the interval one - got lost in the email ether? Maybe I could! But it would be a lie. *Sigh* I need a week catching up with emails, obviously.

The Goldfish said...

My visitor didn’t come because he is unwell and anyway there has been a gale raging outside with snow and other wet-stuff. I watched a man chase his umbrella for fifty yards before it flew into the river...

I did have a bit of a childish cry about my scuppered plans and general misfortune but now you have all cheered me up by putting comments in my inbox.

Mumpy - I too greatly miss the possibility of hypertext links when in real conversation. Of course with phones you can do sarcasm and no-one is in any doubt - unlike in text.

Lady B - thank you very much in advance for the mysterious package.

Charles - thanks for your e-mail; it arrived just when you said. I have routed the e-mail through a different server and it appears all is well now. I have also backed up my novel by putting a copy on AJ's machine. :-)

Vaughan - don't worry about it. I look forward to hearing from you whenever that may be. Stay in the warm.