Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Did you know that Charley was played by Kenny Everett?

I am odd I know, but I have been loving the BBC News website's Public Information Film Festival and today they had one about playing with matches starring Charley the cat. A work of genius.

Other highlights of the festival so far have included one from the Tufty Club, the emancipating Jobs for Young Girls and the frankly terrifying Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water.

I have to add that I am too young to remember any of these first hand but I'm sure that they showed us this one at school - I still have nightmares.

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marmiteboy said...

I have a splendid dvd of loads and loads of Public Information Films. It has all the Charlie Says stuff on it amongst loads of others. All the old Keep Britain Tidy stuff is on it as well as all the old Nuclear War info films from the sixties and seventies.