Saturday, February 25, 2006

A fish worth its weight in gold

Ooh, I’m back already. I thought I was going to be stranded off-line until at least Tuesday, by which time I imagine you might have missed me, but due to the miracle of modern technology and the excellence service provided by Royal Mail, my popped router has now be replaced within thirty-six hours of its going pop.

In local news, Whitby has been shaken by the discovery of a rare haddock, worth its weight in gold. I thought the name of the chap they spoke to at the Sea Life Centre was appropriate, but I am still confused as to who is going to pay its weight in gold or equivalent currency. I sent roving reporter [...] out to Sandgate Seafoods to describe the scene.

"It was incredible," he said. That was it really.

Notice when an animal is described as a freak of nature it is considered to be of tremendous value.


marmiteboy said...

I bet if the little blighter had tried to claim reasonable adjustment under the DDA, applied for a Blue Badge, or claimed benefits the press wouldn't have been so impressed.

Anonymous said...

Goldfish - you're worth your weight in diamonds :-)