Sunday, February 05, 2006

I believe in miracles

I sit and work on the sofa with my laptop. Behind me on the wall hang our three guitars, the bass, the BC Rich Warlock (which looks precisely like this on your left) and my darling acoustic guitar. Now currently I am very nervous about my computer because the CD drive is playing up and I haven’t been able to back up my work for the last couple of months.

I had been playing with aforementioned darling about ten minutes before this occurred. I then put the guitar back, put my headphones on and carry on working. Sometime during Let It Be there is a big thud behind me.

Darling acoustic has fallen; the bracket has taken a big chunk of plaster out of the wall, but miraculously it is sat on the top of the bookshelf, resting comfortably against the still suspended Warlock.

other angle would have resulted in at least the destruction of this treasured guitar which is older than I am, if not the guitar smashing into my laptop thus losing all the work I have done in the last few months, e-mails etc and causing hundreds of pounds of damage and knocking me very hard on the head on its way down. Naturally in my current traumatised state I imagine that I would be instantly killed by the weight of a full size guitar falling on my head (what a rock'n'roll way to go!), but when I calm down I’ll probably get a little perspective on this.

is looking out for me.

[...] came in and said, "Bugger, I'll have to patch that wall up now."


Anonymous said...

Yep, indeed it sounds like someone up there's looking out for you. I mention this point in yet another tiresome entry in my blog, lol. You'll understand why I'm finding my entries a bit tiresome now. Well, with thoughts on my social standing at college, I get the idea someone up there's been listening and did a tiny bit of tweaking. Or, is that I'm only starting to come alive there?

Anyway, instances like yours and mine, when dramatic things happen in front of you, or circumstances within a situation take a positive turn.... It makes you wonder what's going on there.

Oh, I'd definitely get ur laptop seen to. I reckon a new CDRW drive is in order. I don't know if components can be easily changed within a laptop as they can with desktops.

Anonymous said...

I hope you've got backups of all your novel! CD drives are so cheap and reasonably easy to install, please do as Justin suggests and replace it!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of emailing your work to AJ as a back up? Or me if his hard drive is full.