Monday, October 10, 2005

I've got to admit I'm getting better, a little better all the time

Considering I don’t have Sgt. Pepper on CD it was perhaps a mistake to put that song in my head. I shall have to buy a copy now, dammit. When I sat my GCSE English Language exam I wrote a story that began, “Wednesday morning at five o’clock as the day begins.” and was basically the story of the girl in the song converted into prose. Don’t tell anyone - it just happened. Like when I had to label two muscles in a biology exam and the only sort of muscles I could remember the name of were the biceps. So I labelled one lot the biceps and the other lot the forceps. Come on, it sounds right, doesn’t it? Don’t even get me started on my Philosophy exam in which I managed to prove the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent creator God. Yeah I know. And then afterwards I promptly forgot how and because it was a formal university exam I didn’t get my paper back to have a look. Suffice to say that the course closed down the next year because all the faculty staff had left to join the Church. Not really.

Anyway, I am getting better. Much better. I have been keeping reasonably productive all weekend. I suddenly only need nine hours sleep in every twenty-four, which I consider perfectly tolerable. And although my brain keeps timing out every fifteen minutes or so, I have fifteen minutes! And then after a little while, another fifteen minutes! And then a bit later another fifteen minutes! And so on throughout the day. This is a good life.

I made this face (above) out of my sock and two Ibruprofen tablets. [...] still insists he's going to talk to the doctor about me - I think this may have made matters worse...

Hoping to go out tomorrow but I have to think of something fun to do. It is a beautiful day here today but it is cold. Look this (right) is my view from where I sit all day. I shouldn't show you really because I won't get so much sympathy while I'm stuck at home all the time. Obviously the weather's not always this nice. Of course currently the sun sets exactly opposite my window which is a plus. I know, I know. Sorry. In another direction I have a view of The Grand Turk which played the role of The Victory in the Trafalgar reinactment. And the railway line is also opposite my window and for some reason we've been getting steam trains all weekend. Oh and then there's the seals and the swans and everything. Okay, I'll shut up now.


Lady Bracknell said...

Lady Bracknell is chuffed to little mintballs to hear the hugely increased energy levels in the Goldfish's (written) voice.

She is also extremely envious of the beautiful view...

It looks very much as though the Goldfish and her ladyship will both be having a trip out tomorrow ;-)

marmiteboy said...

The view is indeed rather lovely. I am slightly envious of it I must admit. Glad to see you out and about Goldfish. I'm taking a trip tomorrow too. To Bracknell Towers no less. I hope the new butler is better mannered than the last one ;-)

Have a good day tomorrow.

Marit Cooper said...

OoHH! The sea, the sea! I want to live by the sea. Again. I was born in a town where I could at least walk to the seashore, and I've never lived anywhere before where I couldn't at least get in the car and drive there in less than an hour. But that was before I moved to Birmingham :-(
Next time, next time I'm going to live closer to the coast, some coast, any coast! Well, at least we have 53km of canal. Happy to hear that you're feeling better :-D