Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Get Well Soon Card

One crap thing about being chronically ill is that nobody ever sends you a Get Well Soon card, even when you're much worse than usual. So I thought I would send out my Get Well Soon wishes to everyone who is having a hard time with their health just now. Get Well Soon everybody!

Special mentions to the following ailing blogpals:

Marmite Boy has been having a great deal of trouble with his sleep, fatigue and anxiety. Good news is that preliminary tests suggest he is still alive. Another thing on his side is that Marmite is very high in B vitamins - as I am sure every malnourished vegetarian knows. Even so, he has not been having a good time of it recently and I'm sure we all hope they get the bottom of the matter and that Marmiet sees some improvement very soon.

I don't know what Vaughan looks like, but I know he shares his birthday and his literary genius with the great Raymond Chandler (and almost certainly smokes a pipe) so thus he shall be represented. Vaughan is a very talented writer, but he is perhaps unlikely to produce lines the like of "
She gave me a smile I could feel in my hip pocket." or "It was a blonde. A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window." However, Raymond Chandler also wrote, "The more you reason, the less you create." which is perhaps more poignant. Perhaps.

I don't know what Kerry looks like, but I know she has red hair and thus is represented by Rita Hayworth. Kerry has had a really rough year, her mobility having dramatically deteriorated, experiencing new levels of agony, increasingly pessimistic prognoses, having to manage a wheelchair for the first time whilst, often quite literally, juggling two very small children. Plus having to deal with a great amount of aggravation with doctors and nurses, both those treating her and those working alongside her. Kerry was last seen in the blogsphere at the beginning of the month. Hope things get easier soon.

I don't know what w1ldchild looks like but she is a Blade (Sheffield United supporter). Now there was another Blade who was a vampire-slayer. Like Buffy. So for our purposes w1ldchild shall be represented by Sarah Michelle Gellar. You know it makes sense. W1ldchild has been having a lot of difficulty lately with her meds, depression and pain. Hope that everything stabilises real soon.

Adrian has earned temporary crip status having had an ear infection and thus has had impaired hearing since the end of his and my sister's honeymoon in August (although this picture suggests that the problem began when he was very very small indeed, no bigger than my thumb). This may have its advantages, but is no laughing matter for a professional musician, so we hope he gets better soon. Give that man a blue badge! But aren't I going to have cute nieces and nephews? I can't wait <----- subtle hint

Other people who desserve a mention are Timmargh who has the least attractive and perhaps most painful foot in Christendom, Eliza who we haven't heard much from since she last got screwed and Damon who has had months of discomfort with gout. But also a big Get Well Soon to everyone who just happens to be having a rough day today.


w1ld child said...

Thanks Goldfish. Hope you and AJ get well soon as well.

marmiteboy said...


Thanks very much, you are very sweet to think of me. I hope you and AJ are soon a lot better too.

Have a great Halloween tomorrow too.

Hope the new loo seat is to your satisfaction.

MB x

Anonymous said...

Goldfish - thank you ever so much. I am really really touched. Hopefully I will be back up to full blogging speed soon, but in the meantime I know that I share my birthday with Raymond Chandler and that, uncannily, I look absolutely nothing like him! Not even the pipe!

I hope both you and AJ feel rather better very soon.

Anonymous said...

My favourite Raymond Chandler quote is "She tried to sit on my lap while I was standing up."

Keep well

Anonymous said...

Goldfish ... I really don't know what to say, other than thank you.

I've had an absolutely shite weekend in the foot/pain department, but you have brought a smile to my face and a lump to my throat. Yes, I said "throat" you perverts!