Thursday, February 08, 2007

Those three words are said too much

6000 year embraceThis is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long long time. A pile of Neolithic bones, found twenty-five miles south of Verona (fair Verona, where we lay our scene). And the true story of how they came to be buried like this, 5000 or 6000 years ago? I don't care. I know what I see.

One of the most beautiful things you can do with your body is to allow it to become entangled with another in such a way that you no longer know where you end and they begin. You no longer know which limbs, which hair, which fingers and thumbs and genitals belong to whom. You no longer know the direction of gravity. You breathe their breath. It becomes impossible to differentiate between the two pulses, which merge into a gentle rolling thunder against one another's skin.

And you (I) do think about death in such moments because there could be no better way to conclude one's existence. Warm and close. Never to leave and never to be left behind.

Instead you go to sleep together and wake up in an entirely different position.

Other things of beauty this week: here, here and here. Still not sure what's happening in our saga, but it seems likely we will be stuck living with my folks for at least the next fortnight. Which, much as I adore my parents... There are difficulties looming which I can't possibly go into here which could mean official homelessness, worst case scenario. But there's a friendly roof over our head. And it might all go swimmingly. We'll see.

Ha ha, swimmingly, get it?


Mary said...

It does strike me as sad that those bones are going to now be moved and prodded and tested and assessed rather than just being left to have their cuddle.

I realise I am being over-sentimental, the previous owners of the bones are probably long past caring, but still.

The Goldfish said...

I felt the same, although like you say, a little over-sentimental. I certainly wouldn't want to be the one to take them apart.

fluttertongue said...

When all you have is unpleasant bodily sensations there really is nothing better than a good cuddle. Apparently there is a living Goddess in India who has healing hugs. Now that's my kind of therapy.

seahorse said...

It is a beautiful and poignant image. Thanks for linking to me btw. Just been tinkering and noticed that my link to you didn't work...bad typos due to overloaded brain but all fixed now. Am bowing out for a few days rest.

belledame222 said...

That is beautiful. I didn't even think about, oh yeah, they're going to have to move them, i suppose.

sorry to hear about your housing tsuris, hope it gets resolved soon.

Heather Clisby said...

Lovely post. Nothing beats a loving cuddle - either momentary or eternal.