Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I wrote for luck, they sent me you

So [...] eventually made it down south and supervised the removal people delivering our furniture and boxes to the new place this morning. He came round to my folks house at lunch time and then we set off back to our new place just to adjust the heating and for me to take a look at what the layout of the rooms looked like with the furniture in.

As we parked beside the house, there was water pouring from the eaves. It was not raining. And this water was pouring. Entering the house, we saw water was also pouring from several places in the ceiling in the kitchen, hall, bathroom and living room. Onto our stuff; our electrical appliances, the boxes containing such items as books and musical instruments.

I could provide dialogue, but I'm sure you can imagine.

However, having turned the water and electricity off, we managed to transfer all the vulnerable boxes and the stuff out of the damp boxes into the bedroom where it was safe. We have been extraordinarily lucky; the only things that have got thoroughly wet are some CDS, which of course will still play; the paper inlays have got wet but there's nothing irreplacable. The books are okay. The musical instruments are okay. Even the cuddly toys are okay.

Nothing precious has got damaged, nothing that really matters.

Nobody was hurt. ([...] was already deep in the puddle before we thought about the electricity.)

We might have left the radiator for tomorrow. It might have effected every room and all our possessions.

We are knackered. [...] was already knackered and mildly malnourished from the week he has had finishing off in Whitby. We have no idea what happens next. Not even sure what's happened. If we weren't moving so close to my folks, who we can stay with tonight... And Mum had this afternoon off, so she came to our rescue.

Extraordinarily lucky, really. And yet, well, buggery bollocks.


seahorse said...

That really is a total bugger. But yes, it could have been worse and in times of crisis it's always wise to retain an element of perspective. Just as I did when our house move collapsed in chaos a few years back. Oh I positively radiated calm and acceptance... Hope it all works out, as I'm sure it will.

Anonymous said...

Oh no :-(. Like you say, could be worse though... hmm.... I really hope it gets sorted out with the minimum of fuss. Though, from our mini-flood I'm afraid it could be a while.

Apologies to everyone else - but since I keep forgetting to email - I have been rather pre-emptive (especially in the light of this news) and had a parcel sent to your new place. So, if you get a card from Royal Mail, it may be that and it'll wait.

Mary said...

Oh no!

Glad to hear nothing's been destroyed.

And at least you're renting... it's not like you just laid down your joint life savings and signed away your future earnings to BUY the place.

Sage said...

Well aren't you a pollyanna about it all! I'd be whining my heart out begging for sympathy from anyone who'd listen. It really bites moving into a mess. All the best!

imfunnytoo said...

I think I would have taken an ax to the house in revenge...thank gods there are more responsible movers out there

Anonymous said...

I had a thought overnight - rather an extreme way of getting the decor changed wasn't it?! (((((hugs)))))

BloggingMone said...

That sounds awful! Glad to read you are not taking it too badly. Good luck!

The Goldfish said...

Things got no worse overnight (we were half afraid that with all the water that had passed through them, the ceilings might collapse in the night). We are currently trying to work out whose insurance (our contents o the landlady's buildings) is responsible to pay for what.

I have no idea how long this is going to take. And yes, Vic makes a very positive point - some of the decor was pretty grim, so this may been an opportunity to tidy things up a bit. But we'll see what happens.

Crucially, we can stay at my folks' house as long as we need to - it is not as if we need to be temporarily rehoused or anything like that.

But it is still true; if it had to happen, the timing and circumstance couldn't have been better. :-)

spotted elephant said...


As if moving wasn't painful enough. :( But you are taking things well, and as someone up thread said-you are renting, and that's a very good thing right now.

Anonymous said...

I take it this was a leaking water tank? [Not much gets past me.]

I don't see how that can be your responsibility, especially as you've just moved in, but your landlady better check her house insurance carefully.

The Goldfish said...

It was actually a burst pipe; at some point over the winter (but most probably this week) water in a pipe froze, bursting the pipe. It didn't pour out the moment the water was turned on because it was probably still frozen, but as soon as it thorred out, it was as if there was a tap turned on in the attic...

Anonymous said...

Quite often if you check the small print, buildings insurance doesn't cover this kind of accident.

The other pipes need to be checked too and lagged if they are exposed.

belledame222 said...

OMFG. Bastard people!! that totally bites. condolences.